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Emma: The Yes Woman (or not)

A basic striped t-shirt normally shouldn't spark a philosophical discussion about opportunities and commitments, but that is what has happened, folks! If you know Guin, you know that she is the ultimate yes-man, who takes on any opportunity. I, however, am far from that. A perfectionist through and through, I find it extremely difficult to take on new projects or follow new paths simply because I am afraid of just not being good enough at it. While my t-shirt presents a cheery affirmative outlook with its embroidered "Yep!", a rather Canadian way of saying yes, I have a difficult time doing so myself. 

I wish I was better at jumping into new things, involving myself in projects. This applies for myself too: I aspire to be a fiction writer, but I am so afraid of failure that I just cannot begin. Of course, there is a limit when it comes to saying yes. It's not difficult to become overwhelmed with commitments and projects, and lose yourself in the process. I also want…

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