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Guin: A Beautiful Day (and a good friend)

This is my best friend Judith. She is from a city two hours west of Toronto called Kitchener. I met her at the summer camp we both go to, four years ago. She's really bold in the way she dresses. I don't think I've ever met anyone who was as confident in finding unique pieces in all kinds of places. She shops at thrift stores and obscure boutiques; piecing things together  that anyone else wouldn't have thought to wear, and it always looks amazing. I admire this about her, among many other things of course. For example, she stayed over at my place in Montreal for a week during my March break. She was going through my closet and found this red polar fleece sweater I never wear. She paired it with these amazing oxford flats and mom-style jeans. 

This is a look I don't think I ever would have worn a year ago. This fluffy grey sweater would have been a faux-pas in my books. Recently, I find myself more and more comfortable in less formal clothes. Some might laugh at m…

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