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Emma: Elsewhere (and a cozy knit)

There is not a day that I don't wish I lived in Europe. Where I live is actually a very small town outside of Montreal where I recognize basically everyone all the time. Some people love that sense of community, but I absolutely hate it. I hate knowing that my neighbours will be talking about what I wore on my brisk walk to the train, that the people at the grocery store will remember that I'm essentially the only vegetarian around. I go to school in downtown Montreal, thankfully, which gives me some respite from feeling almost watched in my small town. Most days, I wish I could just move somewhere like London or Paris where no one will know who I am and I can just be myself. 

Luckily for me, the old part of Montreal allows me to pretend I live in Paris or Brussels for at least a few moments. The old cobbled streets and tiny shops are perfect for an autumn walk against the cool wind, and the throngs of tourists near the cathedral certainly make it feel like an old European ci…

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