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Emma: Surprisingly Summery

It has recently, rather urgently come to my attention once again that I own very little in terms of summer-appropriate clothing. With several days of 30+ degree weather, it became a bit of a priority. However, I just spent 60$ on a bit of a sweater/jeans splurge... I'm telling myself I can make it work for summer, but let's be real: summer is nice, but I would like some autumn weather back please. 

These photos turned out a bit overexposed, but by editing them with A Color Story I was able to adjust the white curves to give these a vintagey-summery effect. I also liked the sort of indie, vintage way this outfit came out. For an off-the-shoulder crop top, the tiny floral print and tone of the flowers give it a softer vintage vibe. Despite having to wear a strapless bra with this (AKA, the worst), I really loved this outfit for walking around Montreal's Old Port with Gabe.

Outfit: -top: Garage -shorts: old, similar, similar -crossbody bag: F21 out of stock, available in red

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