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Guin: Boyfriend Jeans 2.0

I have bad news. My boyfriend jeans, my one true pair, that I wore in probably too many posts- have died. From sitting cross-legged they split down the inside. Sad times. This is my replacement pair. I don't love them as much as my old ones, and I've been told they're sub-par, but I like them. This post is both an introduction to my fab jeans, as well as an introduction to this warm weather we're having in Toronto. 

This is one of my favourite shirts. There's a pretty hilarious story revolving around this shirt. I was in Spain two years back for a pilgrimage, and had a free afternoon one day in Madrid. Now, a couple of my friends decided that they would go to the Prado museum. Now most pieces of the art at the Prado are very well known and absolutely stunning. But what did genius Guin decide to do? Go shopping. I went to Zara... instead of the Prado... However I picked up this shirt that afternoon and to this day it is still one of my favourites! (I still feel sha…

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